About me


I’m Nana Aisha Salaudeen !

A Muslim woman passionate about the things I love, drinking coffee half the time & drinking more coffee the other half.

My parents say I’m from Osun state, Nigeria, but you see, Plateau state bore & bred me.

I have a Bachelors degree in Business Economics and a Masters Degree in Finance, Accounting & Management from the University of Bradford, England.

I also have a Post graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance and another in International Business Sustainability from Brentwood College, England. (Check back for more later. Yup, Seriously.)

If you leave me in your library I’ll consume every word in it. Word. – And every bus ticket, label or billboard because words keep me alive.

I write about anything writeable – from random bus drivers and fiction to social commentary and business strategies.

You can read my prose here

This blog is for social commentary, it is a safe space for my pen to spill my heart out on issues affecting the society, particularly Nigeria. 


Opinions and comments about my posts and/or blog are welcome. – salaudeenaishatu@gmail.com